Reintegration Centres

Our vision is to create a network of Reintegration centers across Bulgaria. 
We have purchased our first house, which is in the vicinity of  central Bulgaria and our aim is to provide assistance to any beneficiaries in the Stara Zagora and Sliven areas and the house will be called Liberty House.  Once the renovations have been completed we will be able to accommodate at any one time  4-6 beneficiaries in the house.

Renascence Programme

Renascence is defined as renewal or rebirth and our hope and desire is that each candidate who graduates from  our Renascence Program will discover their value and purpose and most importantly will be able to integrate as effortlessly as possible and start their new life within society seamlessly. Right now, we are in the process of finalizing this program which will transition our beneficiaries through their Refocus and Renascence Reintegration phases.  The Renascence program is split into the following components: