Support us

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners for your wonderful support, whether it is in prayer, friendship or financial contributions.

We truly understand that in each case your support is a part of your worship and sacrifice before God and we honour your sacrifice and thank you for your support.  Together we are building His Kingdom for His Glory.

No foundation is able to accomplish it's obejectives without the strong financial contributions of its generous supporters.   Below is the details in order for you to be able to support us, if you so wish.


Personal Support (Bulgaria)

Bank: Allianz Bank Bulgaria PLC

Beneficiary: Peta-Ann Small

IBAN: BG58BUIN95611000427007

Address of Bank: Branch Svishtov, City Svishtov, Str D.A. Tzenov, 2


Reference: Bulgaria Personal Support


Personal Support (via South Africa)

Bank: ABSA Bank

Name: Grant Small

Account Type: Savings

Branch Number: 632005

Account Number: 928 151 1187

Reference: Bulgaria Support


Set Free Foundation Support (Bulgaria)

Bank: Allianz Bank Bulgaria PLC

Beneficiary: Osvobodi Foundation (Set Free Foundation)

IBAN: BG36BUIN95611000487252


Branch: Financial Center Svishtov

Bank Branch address: Bulgaria, Svishtov, post code 5250, str. D.A. Tzenov, No.2


Set Free Foundation Support (via Liberty Compassion)

Bank: Standard Bank

Name: Liberty Compassion

Account Type: Cheque

Branch Number: 051001

Account Number: 003306135

Reference: Set Free Foundation


Benefits of supporting the foundation via Liberty Compassion in South Africa.

Recently we successfully applied to the South African Reserve Bank to obtain authority to remit charitable funds to Set Free Foundation in Bulgaria.  This means that:

  1. You now have the option of either supporting us personally or you can elect to support the foundation.
  2. Should you elect to support us personally there is no tax benefit.
  3. Should you elect to support the foundation via Liberty Compassion you will be entitled to receive a Section 18(a) tax certificate which you are able to use claim a tax deduction from your annual tax submission.  If you opt for this option you will be able to request the section 18(a) tax certificate from Sue Van Niekerk through Liberty Church South Africa.
  4. Should you elect to support Set Free Foundation these funds will only be used for the functions of Set Free Foundation and not for our personal financial requirements.
  5. Please note that all funding that will be specifically raised for the purpose of purchasing an transitional houses or reintegration centres, will be done via Set Free Foundation, as by law here in Bulgaria all buildings must be owned by a legal entity, as a foreigner cannot own property.
  6. Any funds which are specifically designated for transitional homes will be used for that purpose alone.
  7. We have also started the process of raising funds for the purchase of our first transitional home.  We have purchased the property and are soon to launch the operational phase of this project.  Therefore any funds provided for the transitional homes will be allocated to operational expenmses of running the home, including the salaries and wages of support staff.