Set Free Foundation is delighted to be partnering with Warren & Janine Dennis and their team at Kenza Health.  We  commend  and  salute  Warren  &  Janine  Dennis and Kenza Health for  their ongoing commitment  to  Corporate  Social  Responsibility and Justice  and  we  are  extremely proud  to  partner  with them. 

Kenza Health

Liberty Church and all it's members around the world as well as all the generous supporters through Liverty Compassion.

Liberty Church

Thank you!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners for your support be it in prayer, friendship or financial support. We truly understand that in each case your support is part of your worship sacrifice before God and we honour you for your support.  Together we are building His Kingdom.
Apart from the organisations that support us, there are many very generous indiuviduals who provide ongoing financial support.  We are eternally grateful.
Grant & Peta-Ann Small
We would like to acknowledge the following organisations who have provided financial support to our foundation:

Audacious Church (Manchester) and all its members for financial support.


Crossroads Church (Sofia) and all its members for their friendship and support.


DHD Designs for their support with design assistance and website support.

DHD Designs

Bryanston Methodist Church for their financial support for the purchase of our first transitional house.


Ngenious Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd for financial support.