CJ’s Journey (Ciara-Jo)

For the last 2 years I have had the awesome privilege of teaching 17 incredible children. Some days I have to remind myself, is teaching ministry? Is this what I signed up for when I moved to Bulgaria? The answer: No it’s not what I signed up for. But I do believe that’s why I’m here, at least for this season. I am reminded that if I was not here to teach these students, many on the families would need to home-school their kids, which would take a significant amount of time from their ministries. Since my move to Bulgaria, I have always had this thought very clear in my mind. I’m only going live in Bulgaria for 2 years, that was 6 months ago, and I believe that God is calling me to stay longer. So here I am for another 2 years in this beautiful country of Bulgaria.

Some other exciting news is that I will be moving out, in approximately 6 weeks… Man my 16 year old self would be doing the happy dance, even though she had absolutely no idea what it would entail to move out.  I, being 23 year old self, am both nervous and excited. To pay for all my living costs I had to get a second job which, along with what will “hopefully” be my last semester of university, will make the next 6 months quite a challenge. (Prayers are always welcome.)

However this is an exciting new adventure which I am so looking forward too. Unfortunately in spite of the 2 jobs I will have and the extra work I am be doing during these Summer holidays to raise extra income, there will still be some additional costs (visa, legal fees, medical insurance etc) that I need in order to stay in Bulgaria for the next 2 years.

Sooooo (Taking a deep breathe in and breathing out all the anxiety) This is what my is my next great big 2 year adventure is going to look like. Moving out, Finishing University, Second Year of teaching: Math, Science and History for 5 age groups, Teaching conversational English, AND trusting that God will provide the additional finances I need in order to stay where I believe He has called me. This last point will undoubtedly be my biggest challenge yet!!!