Understanding Purpose

It has taken me more than half my life to come to the understanding of my purpose up this earth. Why has it taken me so long to come to this understanding? Is it age? Is it “maturity”?  Whilst these are contributing factors, it is my option that it is pursuit of finding purpose over a period of time that has led me to peel away layer upon layer until I stumbled upon this truth for my life.  Whilst I am not certain that this is the definitive answer, it has settled upon me and brought with it a considerable amount of peace.

It is NOT about me I finally discovered that it is not about ME finding my purpose.  For years I earnestly searched for the answer to the question – What is my purpose?  I have prayed earnest prayers.  I have researched purpose – both by christian and secular authors.  I have written purpose statements to inspire myself.  I have searched the scriptures and whilst I have found clues, the answer I discovered was not discovered through anyone scripture or series of scriptures.   The answer came when I realized that it was not about me.  I did not have to find the “holy grail” of purpose.  And it was not my purpose.

Purpose is not a dream or goal So often we have dreams for our lives and then We look at the dream as though this may in some Wayne the purpose for our lives.  That achieving the dream is the purpose, that the purpose of life is to fulfill my dreams.  I realized the moment I achieved some of the dreams that I had dreamt for my life.  Oh dear, what now.  Oh yes, dream bigger dreams. But how BIG. Fulfilling my dream, no matter how big, is definitely not my purpose.
Stumbling upon this truth for my life The discovery of my purpose happened, through a series of simple events.  However it all came together a few weeks ago. I was on my knees scraping paint off the floor of the new venue for Crossroads church in Sofia, Bulgaria.  I was wondering what am I doing here? And then I prayed a short prayer …. This is for your Glory, Jesus.  I had prayed this a few times before in my life.   It was usually in moments when I was seeking to find the value is some mundane task or when doing some act of service.  I have prayed this prayer when serving at the soup kitchen in Cosmo City.  I have prayed this prayer when praying for someone who is critically ill in a hospital.  In those moments I am often out of my comfort zone.  Praying that prayer gives meaning to these events.
What is my purpose? Well what is it you may ask.  This is my discovery ….. My purpose is to do all that I do to bring Glory to Jesus. No matter when it seems as though all the focus is on me ….. I am to humble myself and give all the Glory to Jesus. When I find myself doing menial tasks ….. I find value when I am able to say …. This is for Your Glory Jesus. You see whether I serve my wife, my children, my company, my country …. I feel that we can pray that simple prayer and say …. This Lord is for Your Glory.   I encourage you to strive to find a purpose that comes from making the purpose of your life to bring Jesus Glory.