Set Free Foundation is a non-profit organisation with a primary function to serve those who are exposed to the heinous crime of Trafficking in Persons (Modern Day Slavery). Our aim is to be a part of the solution and as such our focus is Prevention, Return, Recovery and Reintegration of women, men and children who are either caught up in, or potentially exposed to Trafficking in Persons.

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Thank You Valley Church

We welcomed a team from Valley Church, Preston, United Kingdom to help us get the garden at Liberty House ready for planting of vegetables and fruit trees.

Thank you to Pastor Ed and Michelle Carter for sending the team.

Thank you to James, Mary, Hanna, John, John and David.  You are an amazing team and we are filled with grattitude for your acts of worship to our Saviour.

In addition the Valley Church team brought along three suitcases filled with toiletries for the survivors that will come to Liberty House.

Each woman will receive their own toiletry bag filled with what they need.

The handover
Peta-Ann receiving the goodies

Left:  The handover of the 3 suitcases from Valley Church team members Hanna Miles and Mary Peters.

Above: Peta-Ann with all the products.